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Energise Gift Set

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The starter gift set is the ideal way to try out Naivilo’s Prebiotic Natural deodorant cream. The starter gift set Includes 30 ml of Energise blend, 30 ml dry armpit mask (8-12 weeks supply) , a beautifully soft bamboo fabric cleansing Pit Mitt hand sewn by Olivia and a small wooden spoon that can be used as a deodorant applicator and a mixing spoon for making up the armpit mask.. The large gift set includes 60ml each of the deodorant and the dry armpit mask (12-15 weeks supply), the bamboo fabric cleansing mitt and wooden spoon.

Use the Detox Mask initially for 2-3 days in a row then once a week thereafter.


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  • Cruelty-Free Natural Deodorant


  • Plant-Based Natural Deodorant

    Plant Based

  • Prebiotic Natural Deodorant


  • Sustainable Natural Deodorants