Because Natural deodorants shouldn’t be a chore – it should be about you.

Meet the maker Olivia Norman

Olivia Norman

Olivia is a nature loving scientist who worked in a hospital laboratory for years. The challenge of an underactive thyroid prompted her to examine ingredients in common deodorants and skincare products to eliminate the hormone interruption caused by ingredients frequently found in anti-perspirants and deodorants. She found even natural deodorant products still contained irritants such as baking soda and pore blocking ingredients such as coconut oil.

Frustrated at the lack of innovation in natural deodorants she was inspired to combine her deep understanding of natural ingredients with extensive scientific knowledge to create prebiotic skincare products. Olivia enlisted her odour-producing family and friends as happy human testers (no animals involved) to perfect the formulation now enjoyed by so many.

She loves being a mum of three rascals, living in the beautiful Cork countryside, sea air and walks, yoga and trips to gorgeous cafes.  She is living her dream of creating beautiful love-infused products and providing them to her amazing health conscious customers. She hopes her story will inspire them to begin their journey to their own self-care and clean beauty rituals.

Naivilo Ethos

Our Ethos

At Naivilo, our values and ethics drive us. Natural, Ethical, Sustainable, Eco Friendly and Authenticity are what we stand for. Olivia established Naivilo (Olivia spelt backwards with N for Norman at the beginning!!) because we want to create ground breaking, natural, prebiotic solution focused skincare products that work with your body. We are not afraid to talk about the (cute) elephant in the room... Body Odour!

We are solution focused to solve this problem.

  • No harmful products

    No harmful products

    Our products are free from SLS, parabens, artificial fragrances. alcohol, baking soda or palm oil.

  • Only the best ingredients

    Only the best ingredients

    We only source the best oils, butters, waxes and essential oils locally and organic as possible.

  • Kind to Body and Earth

    Kind to Body and Earth

    Our reusable jars are recyclable, which saves at least 6 plastic roll ons or aerosols/year/person.

  • Great Partners

    Great Partners

    All our suppliers match our ethos and feel very much part of the Naivilo team.

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Let some positivity flow into your day!

There is more to Naivilo than blocking nasty odours the natural way – it’s also about making time for a spot of daily self-care. So we’ve popped a few of Olivia’s favourite “mantras and try” for the day in with our online orders, just stick them up on the mirror and let some of her positivity flow into your day!