Navilo products contain only natural ingredients which perform a variety of different tasks. See Ingredients for further information.

A balm is a water-free cosmetic product. At Naivilo, we chose to create a balm as it is a concentrated product that does not need any preservatives to keep it safe from nasty contaminating bugs. Using your reusable clean fingers to connect with your skin is a beautiful habit to create. It avoids using plastic roll-ons and aluminum sprays by using a reusable and recyclable glass jar instead. The sea won’t be clogged up with 6 or more roll-ons or aerosols/peron/year because we don’t want to smell of BO!

No it does not just mask odour. Instead it absorbs the sweat moisture released under the arms. This ensures that there is no ‘food’ for the skin's bacteria, eliminating any unpleasant odour. The antibacterial effect of the 2 prebiotics both feeds the skins beneficial non-odour causing bacteria to grow and flourish which then helps to keep the smelly fellas (bacteria) away. Learn more about our science.

Yes, you will keep sweating, which is important. Sweating is your body’s natural way of releasing whatever the body needs to eliminate and regulate body temperature. Naivilo won’t interrupt those natural processes from happening but will actually help the process with its detoxifying diatomaceous earth and zeolite. Only antiperspirants are designed to stop you sweating by stopping this natural beneficial process. Learn more about our science.

If you have body odour from sweat and want to use a safe non-pore blocking deodorant, then Naivilo is for you.

In a gorgeous studio based in the beautiful countryside of Co. Cork. in Ireland.

We all sweat differently and in different ways - stress sweat, physical activity sweat, even the clothes we wear - so the length of application will differ for everyone. On average it will last anywhere from 24 hours to 3 days. With continuous use, the bacteria living on your underarm skin may change which will help prolong the benefit of each Naivilo prebiotic deodorant application.

30 ml will typically last from 6 weeks when used daily or 12 weeks when used 3 times per week use.

60 ml will provide protection for 12 weeks when used daily use or 24 weeks when used 3 times per week use.

Naivilo deodorants and dry detox mask have all been safety tested on humans and comply with European cosmetic safety guide lines regulated by the EU Cosmetic Regulation (EC) N°1223/2009. All of our ingredients has been approved by the EU.

Yes, all ingredients used are vegan friendly.

No, alcohol is not an ingredient in Naivilo products.

Current antiperspirants use aluminium compounds to temporarily block your sweat glands, lowering your ability to sweat.

If you've been using anti-perspirants for years then your body may not be as efficient at releasing sweat/toxins. Moving to a non-pore blocking deodorising method like Naivilo may cause your body to release a lot more sweat to begin with.

You may sweat and or smell a bit more than usual initially. Some people transition easily, while others may take more time. Don't give up!

Naivilo’s dry prebiotic detox mask will really help ease this transition. Consider increasing hydration and reducing coffee/alcohol/sugar for a while to help your body detox with ease. What goes into the body must come out!!

If you feel your preteen/teen needs some help controlling (not disguising) their body odour and want a natural safe option then Naivilo is the perfect solution. It’s gentle and effective, and may only be needed 2-3 times a week.

As Naivilo does not interfere with the body sweating it may be a good solution for those with challenging health issues (which require chemotherapy and/or radiation) or who are either pregnant or breast feeding.

It’s a gentle effective balm that is easy to apply even to sensitive skin. It does not contain any hormone interrupting chemicals. Consult with your care giver with any concerns. Scent free may be the best option as it has no essential oils but is still a powerful deodorant.

Personally, I do apply Naivilo after shaving my armpits with no issues at all but you know your skin best so see how your skin reacts. Thankfully we are all different. It is free from baking soda or alcohol which can cause irritation to broken skin. Always try a small application to test first after shaving.

If you experience any irritation, please discontinue use and contact your medical advisor.

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