Sweating: It is all about science

It’s not you! It's the bacteria living on your skin...

Natural sweat does not smell

Natural sweat does not smell

Our bodies are designed to sweat. Perspiration not only helps eliminate toxins but also controls our body temperature. Natural sweat does not smell. It is bacteria feeding off our body moisture that causes the familiar malodour. Some people don’t have to use any deodorant or anti-perspirants (lucky things!!) usually through a combination of lifestyle (diet, activity, genetics etc.) but most of us do.

Sweat shouldn’t be viewed as something nasty, it is a natural process and is involved in the process of removing toxins and regulating body temperature. Why would you want to stop or control these processes?

People are setting themselves free

People are setting themselves free

Large FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies have cornered the market with products effectively stopping our bodies from sweating or just masking any odours. This has become the norm.

However, people are becoming more conscious and more informed about the products they are using and no longer feel as comfortable stopping the natural sweating process or masking body odour. Naivilo products aims to be part of the solution to solving body odour in a natural way.

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A whopping 60% of what you apply to your skin gets absorbed directly into your bloodstream. That means the deodorant you apply every day can have a big impact on your health.

  • Plant-Based Natural Deodorant


    Naivilo’s ingredients are sustainable, include plant-based and other natural ingredients like diatomaceous earth and zeolite. These amazing powders love to pull out toxins from our body.

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  • Sustainable Natural Deodorants


    Naivilo’s ingredients have been thoroughly researched and sourced locally where possible. We reuse shipping materials from our suppliers that are recyclable or biodegradable.

  • Cruelty-Free Natural Deodorant


    All ingredients are of high cosmetic quality grade, vegan suitable, and cruelty-free. All our suppliers have the same ethos as Naivilo, eco-friendly as well as high performing ingredients.

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What is prebiotic?

Can prebiotics prevent body odour?

Prebiotics are simple sugars like oligosaccharides that are the food source of probiotics which are live bacteria. They are commonly found in ‘live’ foods such as yoghurt and cannot be included in cosmetics.

By definition, prebiotics are a food source that can be exploited by skins beneficial non odour causing bacteria (S. epidermidis). Prebiotics feed these good bacteria who then have the edge over odour causing bacteria (Corynobacterium spp) which cause the familiar body odour smell. This helps to reduce the body odour when Naivilo is used over a period of time.

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Can prebiotics prevent body odour?

What is prebiotic?

Sweat is odourless. However, when it leaves our body some strains of bacteria on the skin feed and multiply on the salts and nutrients that sweat contains. This process releases an unpleasant smell commonly known as body odour (BO).

These bacteria protect natural skin defences and can control the integrity of skins natural flora. These are the reasons why enzymatic derived cosmetic grade prebiotics are used in Naivilo products. Preventing sweating by using an antiperspirants and masking the smell with deodorants can help, but a more effective way to deal with body odour is to wash your arm pits regularly and use a prebiotic natural deodorant balm.