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Calm Prebiotic Natural Deodorant Gift Set

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A special offer to get started using Naivilo’s Prebiotic Natural deodorant balm. The small set includes 30ml of Calm natural deodorant, 30ml of Dry Clay Armpit Detox mask, a wooden tea spoon to remove the balm from the jar and to mix up your detox mask. There is also a beautifully soft bamboo fabric cleansing Mitt (20cmx12cm) along with a little “mantra and try” card to help you start your day with a positive feeling!

The large set contains 1x60ml deodorant and 1x60ml detox mask.

All packaged together in a beautifully simple (unbranded so you can re-gift) white recyclable box, a black biodegradable (made from wood pulp) ribbon and the product information card makes a very handy reusable book mark! Perfect self-gift, gift to share with others or to give someone you care about.

The Prebiotic natural deodorant should last up to 2 months (30ml jar) or 4 months (60ml jar) with daily use. Use the Detox Mask initially for 2-3 days in a row then once a week thereafter.

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  • Cruelty-Free Natural Deodorant


  • Plant-Based Natural Deodorant

    Plant Based

  • Prebiotic Natural Deodorant


  • Sustainable Natural Deodorants