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Pamper gift set

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Naivilo’s pamper giftset is perfect as a self-gift or for someone looking for a bit of pampering in a nurturing way. It comes with a luxury velvet soft lavender eye pillow, a 30ml Joy Prebiotic Natural Deodorant, travel size 10ml Calm Prebiotic Deodorant, 30ml Detox Clay, 2 uplifting Pukka Teas, positive mantra card and little wooden spoon to make up your detox mask for your face and underarms.

Set your pampering evening going by popping the kettle on to make your tea, make up a little of the detox paste and applying to your face and underarms for a deep clean. Lie down and place a tissue over your eyes then place your soothing lavender eye pillow over your eyes, signalling your mind to rest. Raise your arms above your head to allow your underarm mask work hard to deep clean your pores. Listening to some soothing music for about 15 mins then remove the detox mask from your face and/or your underarms with a warm cleansing mitt.

Apply your Joy deodorant, read your positive mantra and you are all set to go about your day……. The Naivilo way!

  • Cruelty-Free Natural Deodorant


  • Plant-Based Natural Deodorant

    Plant Based

  • Prebiotic Natural Deodorant


  • Sustainable Natural Deodorants