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Trio deo- 3 Prebiotic Natural Deodorants

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Trio Deo - Your emotional connection ritual

Choose your natural deodorant to match your desired feeling today.

Channel Inner Calm blend will ease the start of your day.

Empower with Energise essential oil aromas of refreshing Lemon Myrtle help keep you focused and fresh.

Uplifting and nourishing our Jump for Joy formula is gentle enough for the most delicate skin.

All packaged together in a beautiful simple (unbranded so you can re-gift) white recyclable box, a black biodegradable (made from wood pulp) ribbon and the product information card makes a very handy reusable book mark!

Also included is a little “mantra and try” card to help you start your day with a positive feeling.

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  • Cruelty-Free Natural Deodorant


  • Plant-Based Natural Deodorant

    Plant Based

  • Prebiotic Natural Deodorant


  • Sustainable Natural Deodorants